How To Sharpen Your Knife With A Stone

How To Sharpen Your Knife With A Stone

Sharpening a knife is something that is not commonly done by people. However, it is a skill that needs to be done. If people want to have some of the sharpest knives around, they need to know how to sharpen them. Yes, the stores will sell knives and claim they are sharp, but people need to realize they are not nearly as sharp as what they can be. This makes a tremendous difference in how the knife is going to function for people and if it is going to do the job they need to have done or not.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the type of stones you have available. You will do this by considering the coarseness of the stone with regard to the material the blade is made from, but also how damaged the blade is. If the blade has some knicks and other problems, you may want to address it. If the blades are damaged or extremely dull, then you will need to get a very coarse stone since it will help in getting the imperfections removed from the blade.

The angle of sharpening angle of sharpening is going to determine several factors, but one of the main things it is going to determine is how sharp the knife will be when it is done being sharpened and how much material is taken off of the knife blade. Typically a right angle will allow people to have a sharp knife that is going to have a tapered type of blade. This way people can use the knife and know that it is going to remain functional and work for their needs, even if they are not sure what those needs are right away.

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Adding oil and water to the stone is the next step that you need to do. While you may be asking yourself why you need to do this, you need to realize the way the knives are being sharpened by getting the metal shaved off of the blade. So this is going to make it a lot harder for the blade to be sharpened if the metal is not being removed. By using the water or even oil for that matter, they are going to take and float the shaved metal pieces away from the knife and keep the stone from being clogged up with the metal bits.

Once you have started with the coarsest stone, you will want to move gradually up to a finer level of stone. Just like when you are sanding down wood, you start off with a rough sanding page and move your way up to a fine sanding pad you will do the same thing with the knife. You do not need to go up to the finest stone available, but you will want to make sure you go up to a finer stone that is going to ensure you will get the smoother edge that you need. Without this, you could have some problems in getting the sharpness of the stone that you want to have.

When people are looking at their knives, they need to realize they are not the sharpest ones around. However, what else they need to understand is they can sharpen their knives if they are doing it properly. This is when people should know more about how they can sharpen their knife with a stone. By knowing about this, it will be easy for people to sharpen the knife and know it is going to be sharp when they go to use it the next time.

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Racism and skin color

Racism and skin color

Racism was always a good topic to talk about. Skin color was also a good cause for conflicts and wars since forever.

Nobody actually knows why it is so hard to make friends with people whose skin color is different than yours. It just makes you feel weird and puts you in an awkward situation. It seems to be hard to talk to people whose skin does not look like yours. It makes you want to stare at them, loot at their body color, ask them some questions and maybe want to know a little more about them. Of course, there are people who want to be friends with other people regardless of the color of their skin, nationality, ancestry etc. We are all supposed to be equal in this world, and we all should have the equal rights too.

7342840But, at the other hand, there are always people who want to judge others no matter what. Whenever you want to judge, put yourself in the position of those who you’re judging and rethink it again. How would you feel if someone was not looking at you in the same way he is looking at other people? How would you feel if something was forbidden to you if something was taken away from you just because someone said that you were black? Imagine that you are afraid to tell your opinion, to say what do you think in front of people. Just imagine that you feel unsafe and unprotected to do what you want to do.

It does not feel good at all, I know. That’s why you are not supposed to judge, or to offend, or to underestimate and depreciate other people. Not everyone will agree with this, of course. Someone will think this is right, someone won’t. People are different and that’s fine. But it seems like everyone is united when it comes to robbing and stealing some things. Nobody cares if you’re black or white when they need something from you. In that case, we’re all equal.


There was this situation in the Netherlands. The test was made and it included a white guy and two others who belonged to other racial conversation. All of them were dressed the same way and to plan was to make it look like race-face-off-120126they were stealing a bicycle. People talked to all of them, but they called the police only in the case of the black man. When people talked to the police, they said that the one of them tried to take his bicycle back and the other one came back to get his forgotten keys. They said that only the black one was actually trying to steal something. In this way, it was confirmed that no matter what the law existed, not all people are treated right and equally in the western countries.

On the paper, freedom is guaranteed of course, but in the case of the real situation like this one written above, everyone feels suspicious. It is very important for people to stand up for their rights and to help other protect theirs. We’re all the same and we need to treat each other like that. We are all human. Say no to racism!

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State of racism in the USA

State of racism in the USA

    The USA came a long way from slavery, but there is still some discrimination based on the skin color. Discrimination against African-Americans, Hispanic, and Asian people still exist, and it seems that this kind of discrimination isn’t going to disappear.

    Let’s talk about immigrants and obvious discrimination towards them. The first sign of discrimination against certain immigrants can be seen at the height of the wages. Immigrants who have lighter color have better salaries than those with a bit darker color. It seems that the shade of color represents a year of education. It does sound strange, but when we compare wages, then the similarity is easily noticed.

racism   Discrimination in the USA is spread in all sectors, and it can be seen in many communities and even legal systems. The first example I want to point out is the business sector. It is proven that sellers will offer better prices for white people than to African-Americans. This might sound like a biased opinion based on several sellers only, but there is proof that buyers are equally racist when it comes to business.

   A kind of test was done on eBay that proven the obvious discrimination based on skin color. Same iPhone was placed on sale twice, and on one picture it was held by a white hand while in the other offer the phone was held by a black hand. I bet that you have guessed the outcome of this experiment, the offer in which the iPhone was held by a white hand received 21% more offers than the iPhone offer in which the device was held by a black hand.

tumblr_nfl0o4CsID1qglfnbo1_500   The extremely high level of discrimination can be seen in the criminal justice system as well. Areas that are filled with different minorities have a lot of suspects that aren’t white even though the crime was clearly done by someone who is white. There is some evidence of discrimination in the judicial system as well, and it is shown in several ways. First of all the number of convicted people that are non-white is large, even in the communities where the majority of the people is white. Juries are same. If a jury has all white people in it and the accused is a non-white person, then there is a high chance that they have made their sentence before the end of the trial.

japs   And finally, we come to convictions. If the same crime were done by a white person and a non-white person, the jury would rule them both guilty, but the non-white person will go to jail for an average of 2.5 years longer than the white individual. This is a defeating fact because it shows the state of racism in a country that is supposed to be an incarnation of freedom and diversity.

   All of this only shows that we must keep up the work to root out all of the racism and make people equal. Only then the people of the USA will be able to live their American dream.

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The US as a good guarantee for protection of human rights

The US as a good guarantee for protection of human rights

    The United States of America is a land of freedom, democracy, tolerance, etc. It was always a country where people respected each other. It was a land where American dream could make true. Now it is something different, and it has a tendency to go down the hill. A country which is made on diversities and the will of resistance to tyranny is now under threat of being swallowed by the complete resurrection of racism.

    First of all, Americans of the Caucasian group are feeling under constant threat by other races (which is completely wrong inducement) and because of that, they are producing various information about the non-Caucasian races which are completely false. First of all, there is some information where you can see that African-American population in America is most likely to have some problems with drugs. The other data says that the people from this racial group are most likely to have problems with the law and that they are more violent than other racial groups.


    These policies are part of a campaign which has a goal to stop the advancement of non-Caucasian race into a position of importance. That goal failed when in 2009 Barack Obama won a presidential race. This victory was mostly of symbolical character because this guy hasn’t done many things for the African-American group of people. During his term clashes between African-American and the police were constant and at some point police overused force which resulted in killings of several African-Americans.

    This is confirming that the United States of America is ready to face changes. These changes will have its projection on the whole world, but a real nation with real democratic institutions, and real guarantees of human rights need to be resurrected. What will happen in the future nobody knows, racism can be even a trigger to the conflict of larger scales.

    Human rights aren’t the positive value in the United States because if you have any different opinion, you are automatically outlawed or even murdered. This was the case with Edward Snowden. He is also sharing a thought that racism is one of the major breaks of human rights and freedom in the States.

    Despite all of this, Caucasian groups are in fear of outnumbering by the non-Caucasians. They are referring to the whitedatum where statistics says that more that 50 % of all people under 18 are non-Caucasians. With this tendency for of rising, non-Caucasians could become the dominant population group which places Caucasians down the ladder. This can be very frustrating when you are thinking about the leadership in the United States. In some time, will the country be able to be led by Caucasian politicians or the place on the political stage would be an introduction to more and more non-Caucasian races? What will they do to place their race above all else? Well, probably nothing. They will do nothing because they like the United States of America of tolerance and equality of all people no matter what color of their skin is, and they will want to keep it that way.


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Where lies the Caucasian fear of non-Caucasian races?

Where lies the Caucasian fear of non-Caucasian races?

    The United States of America is a land of freedom, prosperity and diversity. America built its society on a carefully designed formula of tolerance. This was the main string of connection between the Americans who were different among themselves for many things. People can be divided on those who are good and positive and the opposite part but in the modern America, a long forgotten division which has its roots in the American Civil War is emerged once again and it threatens to destroy the American dream. This danger is called racism.

    The Caucasian race was one of the first to get to the American continent where they came in touch with the American Natives. At the very beginning of the process called colonization, American continent was enough for everybody. When they designed their first colonies, Caucasians started to bring African-American race to the American continent. Also, in the lands of the far south, were Spanish colonies and Spanish or Latino or Hispanic race started to go to America.


    History has its reasons, but the development of humanity and humanitarian rights still cannot break the entanglement of racism. As I have previously said, this started mostly during the Civil War, and now it has a dangerous potential to escalate in few upcoming years. Let’s see what reasons should alert you.

   anti-black-protest First of all, if you have watched some of the statistical data, then you couldn’t have missed that Caucasian group of Americans expressed anti-black views. This poll was over 51 %. This is a real alert which is saying that in some future years Caucasians might not want to live together with other Americans, and that can be a sparkle to a real civil war. The same thing was with the anti-Hispanic views where people in around 52 % expressed this sort of racism. This is a clear message.

    When it comes to other reasons, Caucasians are skeptical of becoming a second-grade population in the United States of America. At this moment, more than 50 % of all of the Americans are a non-Caucasian race which implicates that in some near future, this number of non-Caucasian people could outnumber the Caucasian race which could be very hard for America to coexist.

    Out of this fears, Caucasians are giving these conclusions. This policy is completely racist, and it doesn’t make any March_on_washington_Aug_28_1963sense. People needs to live together and each to have the right to “liberty, life, and suit for happiness”. Without that, an institution such as the United States of America couldn’t exist. The USA isn’t the country of tolerance anymore and among its citizen respect for others doesn’t live long.

    The Caucasians are also sharing a belief that people of the non-Caucasian race are more likely to get a jail sentence, to do drugs, to be introduced into the robbery business, more likely that will kill someone, etc. As long as these prejudices are existing, American society cannot function normally. We need to start to change ourselves, and we need to start it now.

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Prejudices about people with darker skin in the western countries

Prejudices about people with darker skin in the western countries

Throughout history, there was many racial wars and conflicts. People learned to feel strange when they are in a company of a different person of any sort. Why is that nobody knows but it is still in the 21st century causing all sorts of conflicts and even wars and worse of it all it violates some of the major principles of human rights. All the Western Europe countries are multi-ethnic but besides people are afraid to talk or to speak or they are feeling some dispute of any sort when they are accompanied with other skin color people. People aren’t getting rid of this weird habit.

An interesting test was conducted in the Netherlands where a white guy and two others of different guys who belonged to other racial congregation. The test 628x471consisted of all of them dressed the same are trying to what was looking like to steal a bicycle which was tied to some pillar. People was suspicious and talked to all three of them but only in one case they called the police or some other service to intervene. You can guess, that was in the case of a dark colored guy from Somalia. All sorts of people and serviceman came to the sight and ask all three of them the same question. They wanted to know what they were doing and the two light-colored guys forgot their keys and they were trying to get their bicycle back. Only a dark colored guy tried to steal something.

When people, who saw that, were questioned, they said that they were certain that the guy from Somalia was trying to steal the bicycle. This primitive belief confirms that all people aren’t treated equally in the countries of the western world no matter what law there existed. This means that they cannot even feel safe to do what they want in these cities. Freedom is guaranteed on the paper but the people are still suspicious to these, for them, “strangers”.racial_equality_2

It appears to be true that people who are naturalized by some government won’t ever get the true citizenship when it comes to politeness and acknowledgment of other citizens. It also seems that people won’t get their consciousness high enough that all people are equal when it comes to an ability to rob something and steal something. When you see someone doing something which looks like a robbery, normally you will call the police but you shouldn’t base your decision on the skin of the perpetrator.

13418%20-%20human-rights-1In this way you will keep your country clean of criminals but also, you will make your countries racial policy worthwhile. If you don’t then you will get yourself back to the era of imperialism and the Civil War in America. People needs to stand up for their rights but also needs to help other protect their own. In this way you will save your right to exist no matter what color of your skin is.

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